Monday, May 2, 2016

Chalk it up!

Earlier this week we had a day where our schedule was a bit crazy and I had kids that I'd had the day before plus a new group.  Soooo... Rather than try to work in two places at once, we took our learning outside with sidewalk chalk.  

Actually we looked at a few Julian Beever sidewalk art first. ;)

Just plain awesomeness.  I love his stuff! I also found a few fast forward "making of..." Sidewalk art videos that were so fun to watch! Like this one:

Once outside, they learned how to make a compass with a piece of string, chalk and a pencil, and we began filling in our mosaic with color.  A bit different from Julian Beever but still turned out pretty awesome!!! 

 Each grade level got to work on a few rings of the design that day.

I'm not sure why I got so much of the brick instead of the students... But at least you can see their artwork!! :)

That afternoon, they had done such a fabulous job that I was running low on chalk...Soooo... My littles used chalk on paper instead.  Also because keeping them contained as much as possible with art supplies is always a good idea! ;)

Friday, April 15, 2016

Kindergarten cows

Does it GET any cuter than these cows?! I found this idea on Pinterest several years ago and it has become my favorite kindergarten project.  I guess you could say I save the best for last.  The next few posts will also be of some of my favorites! 

Thursday, April 14, 2016

zebra surrealism!!

This is of my favorite projects for 5th grade that I repeat almost every year.  It's great for learning about surrealism and the anatomy of the eye.  We look at artists who painted surrealistic paintings like Dali. Of course their favorite is The Persistence of Memory.  They love the melting clocks, and who can blame them?! They're so cool! 

We also discuss the parts of the eye,  what their purpose is, and why they're the color that they are.  When they discover that the pupil is a hole in their eye it completely grosses them out!  Ha!

Last, we use our favorite method of shading with analogous colors.  They use their color wheels to determine the best combinations for their stripes.  Using watercolor, we paint each part in a specific order so certain areas are dry for the next step, like the eyelashes.  No one likes an exploding eyelash. :)

I'll post finished pieces when we're done!  

Friday, February 12, 2016

More winter projects!

Here are a few of the projects we've been working on lately!  

4th grade created these snowy value landscapes.  We did this project a bit backwards to achieve the values in the snow.  We painted our entire paper first with shades of blue and white.  Then drew our trees and painted the snow between them.  The blue shows through the white just enough to create the shady areas.  Last we painted the trees.  I feel as if they need just a little something else but I'm just not sure what... 

This project is an awesome "fast-finisher" project for students that have completed their work early.  We trace the heart shapes first.  Then fill the abstract shapes created by the overlapping lines with simple but bold patterns.  Younger students just color the abstract shapes.  We used color sticks for these. 

5th grade is going to the opera!!!  A 5th grade teacher at one of my schools asked if their classes could create flowers to take to the opera.  They were supposed to bring paper flowers for the singers.  So we took a little break from our winter project to create these giant flowers.  Early spring anyone?  :)

Another one of those cute little first grade snowmen!! 

Third grade finished up their birch trees this week.  This is one of my favorite projects. (I know... I have a lot of favorites!!  But this one really is!)  I just love how the black lines make the trees pop!

Another 4th grade winter tree and Valentine project combined!!  

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Snowmen in first grade!

1st grade has been learning about perspective while drawing these towering snowmen and snowladies.  Here are a few in progress!

Here is one before coloring or painting.  We drew them together and traced in permanent marker.  Then we colored the buttons, scarf, eyes, nose, and mouth with color sticks.  We are in the process of painting the background.  Can't wait to show the finished ones!